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I am a Norfolk, Va resident, 36 this March (2012). I am engaged and I believe in interracial relationships. I myself am multi-racial.

I am a Libertarian, but mainly because my views, almost all of them are “Classical Liberal”. See my blogs for the idea of what that is.

I am a bit old-fashioned and have worked many years now. I do hope one day to graduate college. I am a little slow.

I am a member of the New St Mark Church of God in Christ in Portsmouth, Va. Located at 615 Washington Street, in Olde Towne. It is at the corner of County Street and readily accessible from Exit 7 of I-264, as well as the Hampton Roads Transit Elizabeth River Ferry and any bus that serves the downtown area. (the 45 & 50 stop at the church directly) Service times are Sundays: 8:30am prayer. 9:30am Sunday School. 10:30 am Worhip and Wednesdays at 7:30 PM for Life Empowerment Bible Study.

Being a libertarian who attends church is pretty awkward, as most Libertarians are pro-choice, where as most Christians are pro-life.

For information on the Libertarians, please visit

For information of Hampton Roads Transit, please visit

For information on my church, please visit



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  1. I meant “worship”

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