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Some Thoughts On The JFK Assassination

November 22, 2013

The Tree of Mamre

The first time I saw Dealey Plaza in Dallas, I was shocked by how small the area was. In films on and TV, they make the whole plaza look huge, but it is in fact quite tiny. If you are driving through it at normal speed and you blink, you will miss it (of course, Kennedy’s car was going slowly that day, as it was in a motorcade). The so-called “grassy knoll” can hardly be called a hill or even really a knoll–it is merely a bump on the ground, and the distance from the “grassy knoll” to where Kennedy was shot can be covered in only a few seconds by someone at a full run. This does not bode well for conspiracy theories, as there really is nowhere to hide down on the ground at Dealey Plaza and escape unnoticed after firing a shot, especially if one is carrying…

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