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Bicycle Safety

May 16, 2013

One of the biggest reasons cyclists get killed, besides in attentive car drivers, is cyclists who ride in the roadway but think they can ride whatever way they feel, hopping on and off curves, weaving in traffic, riding against the flow of traffic, which by the way is VERY dangerous.

According to State laws, Bicyclist riding on the road need to stay to the right, signal your turns and obey traffic signs and signals. LEGALLY, cyclists have the right to ride on the road. Motorists need to know that.

Cyclists need to signal lane changes just like motorists do, someone like me merges into a left turn lane if I need to make a left turn.

Cyclists also need to avoid getting into truck and bus blind spots like cars do. Bus and truck operators can NOT always see you if you’re along their side.

Cyclists also need to watch out for pedestrians, children and each other, including the careless cyclist who doesn’t care about you or themselves and is not riding properly.

Cyclists need to use lighting like cars and trucks do between sunset and sunrise, SO OTHERS CAN SEE YOU.

I often ride my bicycle until 8-10 pm on my way home from work. I’ve had near collisions with cyclists wearing dark clothing and no lighting, usually their heading the wrong-way against traffic as well.

Cyclists also need to pay attention when pulling into traffic.


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