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May 10, 2013

I haven’t been in here for a while, and much has happened.

Boston, a city I knew well having spent lots of time there, was attacked by terrorists. Now there’s Benghazi-gate. One cover up after another.

During this time I absorbed a lot of this stuff, and listened to a lot of the questions, for example, why were they able to find the Boston terrorists within just a few days, but not Tupac’s killer?
Well, for one thing, Tupac’s killer wasn’t a terrorist If I remember correctly, these guys in Boston were. With murders, sometimes very sadly it can take years to find the suspect. I don’t recall them ever finding Lisa Zeigert’s killer. That was more than 15 years ago.

Sometimes life will not always be fair. I know liberals like to try to convince us otherwise, but even in their little utopian minds and worlds, someone always loses.

The Social Security payroll taxes kicked in,y paycheck went down some. See, in the liberal utopia, you can always fix problems by raising taxes. Well thanks to them, I’m a little poorer now. I was never rich. Now I just get less. All in the name of “fairness” I guess. I suppose if the playing field was truly level (instead of the way they did it), I would be a little wealthier instead. Lol!

Recently I was called a “mean librarian”, to which I responded “I AM a mean librarian, and you are a bunch of rude, disrespectful teenagers who do not know how to act in a library!!!”

First off. The children need to know right from wrong. In the future they may be glad I told them off because quite frankly, I would rather be the one telling them like it is because hopefully it will sink in and keep them out of trouble. If I was their parents, I would be glad it was me and not the police, or worse.

No matter how pathetic our government schools are, they’re better off in class than they are on the streets and the truants may be glad one day that I tracked them down and dealt with them as well. Had a bunch of them this week trying to use my library to skip school and play video games all day. They keep that up, they will be in much worse shape in life than I currently am. Sad but true.

They come in unattended. Where are the parents??? They think they can get away with misbehaving and damaging things. I grew up in the 70s & 80s and was taught to be disciplined. They don’t get away with it when I’m there. Some of them will change, unfortunately a few probably won’t but we can always try.

There are too many Lindsay Lohan’s in the celebrity world and not enough Bill Cosby’s.

Finally, Virginia Beach, Norfolk & Chesapeake are studying light rail extensions. I love light rail and all trains but am tired of being confined to just 7.5 miles and 11 stations. You cannot pave over everything and we need transportation solutions here, not just the same ol same ol. We are very far behind in Hampton Roads when it comes to transportation and this is at least 15 years overdue.


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