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Middle East/S. Korea Conflict

March 30, 2013

About 2 hours ago at the beginning of my work day I overheard couple patrons discussing this situation, and how they were concerned about how President Obama would handle it.
President Obama is not a perfect president, he had not gotten everything right, but he hasn’t been wrong on everything either. However, some of what he has done is questionable.
The patrons said that he needs to have a backbone and that he is incompetent.
Of course some of that is quite obvious & true, but I was sitting there bug-eyed because these were black dudes probably who voted for him.
I hate to think if they’re right with this. Will Obama botch it? Will he get us involved? Will he get it right and get the Job done? What do you think? Imagine, if you’re squared off against a mentally deranged pipsqueak who is bent on terror and total control. What would you do?


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