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Neal Boortz

January 18, 2013

One day back in 2005, while recovering from a traffic accident, I stumbled across a talker by the name of Neal Boortz. Neal is a guy with a show based in Atlanta. Most of that time I heard him on local radio station WNIS. I was in bed, recovering, when I heard him one day on a tirade about something, where he referred to lazy people & welfare recipients as “parasites, leaches, & moochers.” Well, that’s what they are.
I received benefits too. Of course this made me mad, to the point I kept listening. Then, I got up, somehow got my shoes on.

Dad was like: “where are you going? You don’t feel well enough.” I told him to get his shoes on, we were going somewhere. We walked about a mile to the bus stop and went to the store, got my medicine, & milk, etc. he was supposed to be working, but he wasn’t, because his car was inoperable, but really he didnt need his car to go work. I was supposed to be recovering. I told him to take the bus and go back to work.

A few more months passed for me, understandably, in that time I heard Neal refer to the moochers in New Orleans who were so dependent on government that they couldn’t evacuate their own selves from Hurricane Katrina as “human debris.” He caught some flack for that, but really, you see a gigantic storm coming and you can’t evacuate even though you knew enough ahead of time where you could board an RTA bus to get to a shelter of some sort???? Are you KIDDING ME??? You’re THAT incompetent???

Anyway, I kept listening to him, went back to work, started to work on furthering my education, physically I’ve healed, although I still have a brain injury and anxiety disorder (one day I’ll be healed from that too), & started working on projects for my life, and perhaps the benefit of others.

I met Neal, and his successor, Herman Cain. Had very nice, engaging, thought-provoking, stimulating conversation with them, started making new friends, many who taught how to have goals & aspirations & make them come true )I had a couple goals, but didnt really know what to do with them).

Today is Neal’s final day on the radio before retirement. Now, he will continue his blog, his tweets, maybe even fill-in for someone once-in-a-while, and I look forward to that.

For what Neal has done for folks like me, I will never be able to repay, maybe not fully comprehend, either. He has entertained, & been much less whiny than Rush Limbaugh, and he has class too. He’s about the best friend anyone could ever have. I learned how to think for myself much better than I used to be able. I learned enough from him to pass homework assignments and more!

I learned about Libertarianism, and that while I may not agree with abortion or gay marriage (I DON’T) it’s a personal choice, and that it has NO impact on my personal life, & it is NOT my business (or government’s) to legislate or dictate what you want to do with your personal life. I am going to love you one way or the other, all there is to that.

I will miss listening to Neal in the morning, but his replacement is Herman Cain, so there is no need to change. Since WNIS no longer carries Boortz, but instead opted for some local thing I can’t remember the name of (because I don’t listen) I will continue to listen in the morning to my current station via the web, AM 750 and NOW 95.5 FM NEWS/TALK WSB (aka Boortz’s “Mothership”). WSB is a
wonderful station.

Hey I wonder if Neal will still do the Cure-a-thon they have yearly in the summer.

Thanks for all you done, Neal, Love you Long Time! Enjoy retirement, traveling, etc, you well-deserve it!


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  1. NyNy permalink

    You recovered from a traffic accident? OMG >_<

    At least you were able to have a reasonable talk with this guy about what you thought of his opinions!

    • technically three accidents, one on a freeway.
      Yeah he’s a pretty good guy but not always easy to get along with lol

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