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Vlog Re: “The Chocolate Chronicles” New Contemporary Romance Book Series Launches This Month

January 3, 2013

Vlog Re: "The Chocolate ; New Contemporary Romance Book Series Launches This Month.


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  1. NyNy permalink

    Sounds good! I’ll purchase it if it also attracts my attention as much as An Ordinary Love does! I really enjoyed that book, I want to write my own AMBW book too one day – when I have more experience XD

    Also, do you or anyone you know who writes stories preferably short stories? Why not post more of your fiction there, review others and get some inspiration from other writers? You can build up an audience around your story by starting small writing short stories now and allowing your readers to download and share with others. If you are aiming to be an author, novelist or writer, this is a great way to start to market your stories online. So please check out the site:

    • I will check it out, I have one published short story and I think I know a couple other people.

      • NyNy permalink

        Great! Send me a link to your ReadWave account and story when you upload it!

      • If I can I will try to do soon as I can

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