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January 3, 2013

Couple days ago a deal was made that would help address the whole fiscal cliff thing. WE ARE NO WHERE NEAR BEING SAFE FROM THE DANGER YET.
We still have the debt ceiling. We still have a monumental task ahead.
A ton of people are to blame.
By the way, since the House & Senate could vote on their raises (WHICH THEY DONT DESERVE) so fast, how come they couldn’t vote on this any faster???
I was a committee member for a local public transit system and I AM a Director of a local group. I ALSO happen to have mainly LIBERTARIAN beliefs & values. At the meetings, in order to get things done, for the people, SOMETHING had to be done.
I had to get together with my whole group of independents, Democrats & Republicans, and WE HAD TO WORK TOGETHER to solve problems.
FOR EXAMPLE, one member had this obsession with the destination light-up signs mounted on the rear-side of buses. TO ME, not only are those things NOT a safety hazard, THEY’RE A COMPLETE WASTE OF MONEY! (They cost roughly $1,700 to fix/repair/replace per unit, very pricey everytime water or dust seeps into the unit and causes damage) HOWEVER, sometimes you have got to do things that benefit EVERYBODY, and some transit agencies have a rear-destination sign that is interior-mounted in a rear passenger window. So, that would do the trick and curb fiscal waste and solve the problem some people see in not having those items working.
Our nation would be so MUCH better off if ALL leaders, local & federal, could PUT THEIR DIFFERENCES ASIDE and DO THEIR JOBS instead of insisting on “my way or the highway” that goes for Speaker Boehner, Senator Reid, President Obama & EVERYONE WE ELECTED TO OFFICE IN WASHINGTON, DC.
I think it is a pity when I read people say that brain dead idiots like Jessica Simpson can do a much better job at being Speaker of the House than Mr. Boehner can do. Mr. Boehner NEEDS TO GROW SOME or resign.


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