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Fiscal Cliff

December 7, 2012

Its been a little while since I have posted anything, we now have four more years of President Obama, who may have just been re-elected for his looks and the efforts he tries at having some substance.
The Presidential race has pretty much become nothing more than a beauty contest. What the biggest mistake the United States ever made was that the Constitution was amended to allow the people to vote for President.

Did you want to pass on to your children a nation that is trillions in debt that they, their children, their grandchildren, great granchildren and generations beyond that to come will have to pay for? One day they will wake up and ask us what we were thinking.

In 2012, we have two big government, tax increasing, pro-war candidates. The Republicans were not smarte enough to nominate a true conservative, or a Libertarian-leaning candidate. So, now, we have to leave the leadership of this great nation to someone who, prior to the Presidency, his only true leadership experience was in community organizing. I have about as much leadership experience personally, as he does. 2014’s mid-term elections may be our last chance to save this nation.

If the Republican candidates would just SHUT THE HELL UP on moral issues, NO ONE WANTS THE GOVERNMENT IN OUR BEDROOMS, just like we do NOT want them in our wallets or cars.

My ideas on avoiding the fiscal cliff, which may not gain too much traction, are as follows:

1.) CLOSE GITMO. MR. President, in 2008, you promised this, and you have yet to do it.
2.) CLOSE the overseas bases that were built for World Ward II, Korea and Vietnam. Why are we still operating them?
3.) GET RID OF THE FEDERAL RESERVE. This constitutionally illegal organization is making situations worse for us financially.
5.) PASS THE FAIR TAX. The Fair Tax not only simplifies the tax code, and saves the people millions in tax compliance, it also ELIMINATES the vile, putrid, evil IRS.
6.) The FAIR TAX also discourages sending jobs overseas and attracts new business like nothing else.
7.) ELIMINATE the National Endowment for the Arts, STOP Wasting OUR money on pieces of scrap and torn cloths you foolishly call art. Pass each piece of so-called “artwork” by me first before declaring it as art.
8.) ELIMINATE the National Education Association, they are in it for the power, not the education of our children. Teachers NEED to work to keep their jobs. GET RID of the worthless ones, ELIMINATE the dumb rubber rooms, too, while we’re at it. FIRE the worthless ones, make them try to get a job elsewhere, like what happenes to REAL people.
9.) GET RID of at least half of the silly regulations that have been imposed on private-sector business over the past 10 years. Release them from the shackles the government has bound them with.
9.) GET RID OF THE NSA PATRIOT ACT. Don’t need it.

That is all for now, without gloating, maybe I should be the President’s next advisor. Yeah that’ll happen.


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