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Thank You Republicans

November 8, 2012

Since the election last Tuesday, I realize that the Republicans have beemn excoriated for several reasons. Well, they did it to themselves.

1. They keep nominating RINO’s (Republican in Name Only). These people are a poison to true conservatism. Romney is about as true a conservative as Rosie O’Donnell is skinny. Among his “conservative” feats was the atrocity of Romney Care, the single-payer health system in Massachusetts. But, beyond that, he never really appointed conservatives. He has a good record of generosity, and business success, but that is about it. We do happen to need business experience, BUT we also need sound fiscal conservative principles. He does not have those. He raised taxes in Massachusetts to balance anything. That is NOT conservative.

2. Republicans who focus on social issues will not win because it is not government’s job to legislate whether or not someone may have an abortion or whether or not they are gay. I don’t like either practice, but being gay is a personal choice and when someone chooses to do so, it has NO impact on my life, and abortions should be allowed for the cases of rape or incest. (partial-birth abortions are disgusting and those should be illegal).

So, the Republicans really blew it for themselves (and ultimately, for us). It’s their fault. The moocher class has taken over, and the Republicans just sit their and screw evereything up by harping and lecturing on abortion. nice going, idiots. We NEED and care about JOBS, that is the most important thing right now, not legislating morality, so thanks alot pals for messing up in 2012. We need to REPLACE everyone of our Republican and Democrat Senators and Congressional people who are up for re-election in 2014, otherwise, this country is probably done. Toast. over.. Do you have your escape plan if that occurs? I’m working on mine.


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