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They Want to Ban Profits

September 7, 2012

Last night, some guy went around the Democrat Convention in Charlotte, asking delegates what they thought about corporate “greed.” These people apparently have no clue how business work.
If someone wants to go into business, like I do one day, it is to make a profit and provide for their families and maybe a few jobs here and there. So, I’d these people get their way, then there is no sense in ever going into business. Where did they get their business knowledge, anyway? At JCPenney’s?
If you ban or restrict profits, there is no incentive to be in business, and the businesses would not be able to hire more people. If any of those delegates had any clue, they would really realize just how dangerous their ideas are, and if they got implemented, unemployment would go up, the economy would get worse, and the rich would leave for safer havens. Then, things would just suck for everyone, especially the poor.
So, I hope that no one paid them any serious attention. They’re just a product of our government schools (under-educated) as am I, but I paid more attention to things than they have done. They won’t amount to much in life in the private-sector.


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