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Time to take Responsibility Mr President

August 27, 2012

Mr. President. You have been in office over three years now. You had the chance under a Democrat-controlled House and Senate to pass a budget or fix the economy, or whatever. It is time for you, Mr. President, to be a leader.

Bush is gone. Bush is not running things anymore. YOU are, sir. I know liberals like pointing at others. I used to do that, but I have learned there. The economy is now YOURS. The slowness of the economy is YOUR problem.

The only reason you are engaged in class envy in your campaign is because other than getting Bin Laden, thanks to Seal Team 6, and a few minor things, you really don’t have many accomplishments to run on.

At some point, Mr. President, you will need to be held accountable. That day will come sooner or later. In three years and the best you can do is get the economy growing at 2.4% GDP? Give us a break!!!!! Bush was no genius but he did have a better economy.

I am less than enthused about having to vote for either Obama or Mittens. I wish the Republicans would grow some and nominate a REAL conservative, not some phony fraud like Mittens or McCain.


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