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Is There Anything Better Than the Fair Tax?

August 16, 2012

If so, please let me know. I am only aware if a couple of tax reform proposals out there, one being the Fair Tax (HR 25) and another being the Flat Tax. But, everytime I ask someone if something better exists, I get no answer.

The Flat Tax and the Fair Tax both make things simpler, BUT, here is where the Fair Tax is superior to the Flat Tax.

1.) Eliminates the IRS. I would support anything that would eliminate the IRS. This will not only save the federal government millions of dollars not having to run that useless agency, it would also save the American people millions of hour ls wasted in tax compliance, and money in tax preparation.
2.) the way the United States was designed to be, we were not supposed to have an income tax.
3.) The Fair Tax rate is 23%. Not 30%. It is NOT in addition to but it replaces the hidden goods and services taxes we already pay on everything. So, YES, your doctor visit will be taxed, however it already is being taxed. The cost to the consumer remains essentially the same.
4.) The Fair Tax DE-taxes all used second-hand items. That will help the poor.
5.) under the Fair Tax, EVERYONE, including corrupt politicians & illegal aliens, will be finally paying into the system. Politicians shouldn’t be exempt anyway and they do not deserve it.
6.) Monthly PRE-bate: that is what they call it. Now, the federal government will anticipate what each individual will pay monthly in the Fair Tax, and send you that amount monthly, to help cover the expenses for life’s necessities, UP TO THE POVERTY LEVEL. So, any one who spends beyond the poverty level (aka the rich) will pay the most tax, the poor pay nothing. TO GET THE MONTHLY PRE-BATE check you must have legal residency documents. Illegal aliens & tourists will not get the PRE-bate, but will pay into the system.

Right Now, Sweden is doing do well economically because of the recent across-the-board permanent tax rate cuts enacted. They’re smart.

The progressive system we have currently (& needs to be abolished) is hurting this country.

Fair Tax is non-partisan. Http://

So, PLEASE: tell me, is there any better proposal out there? We need to hear about it.


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