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A Year Old

August 16, 2012

The Tide Light Rail in Norfolk will turn a year old this Friday. It has already surpassed a million rides, has not had many accidents at all, and is very safe.

Now if we could only get it to be extended!

As I have been not well, including in the hospital, I will likely not be in attendance at the festivities in Downtown Norfolk. Regardless, The Tide (as it is affectionately known) will have many more milestones, such as two million rides, a second year of service, and one day, expansion. Naval Station, Airport, Portsmouth, Virginia Beach Oceanfront, maybe even Oceanview! I’d like to have a stop at my house please!

Light rail is a fun and wonderful way to get around. It’s a great shortcut to having to ride the full length of the route 20 bus between Cedar Grove & the Oceanfront. Saves about 40 minutes! Many other conveniences are possible when you use it for shortcuts to save time or when you park & ride to go downtown to dine, shop, catch a play or a game.

The Tide is here and it is great! I look forward to riding again soon!

The Tide costs 1.50/ride, 3.00 day pass. Your bus or MAX day pass is good on the Tide as Well. Park and ride lots are free and available at Newtown Road, Military Highway, Ballentine & Harbor Park Stations. Evening & weekend Parking is available at Fort Norfolk-EVMC station,
There are a total of 11 rail stations.
The following have direct bus connections:
1.) Fort Norfolk-EVMC: routes 2, 16, 17, 44
2.) York St/Freemason: route 44, 17 NET*
3.) Monticello: route 17 NET*
4.) MacArthur Sq: Route 17 NET*, Elizabeth River Ferry #
5.) Civic Plaza: routes 6, 8, 45, 960 MAX^, 961 MAX^
6.) NSU Station: routes 9, 13, 18
7.) Ballentine/Broad Creek: route 18
8.) Military Highway: routes 15, 23, 967 MAX^
9.) Newtown Road: routes 20, 25, 27, 28•

*-a block or less
#-a block and a half
^-MAX means Metro Area Express, services to Virginia Beach Oceanfront, Hampton, Newport News & Chesapeake
•-begins October, 2012

Two stations are walk-up with no connections:
1.) Ingleside Rd.
2.) Harbor Park (Amtrak rail & bus shuttle connection will be available December 2012.)


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