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My AMBW Relationship

August 3, 2012

I happen to not only love this type of relationship (AMBW/Asian Man-Black Woman) but I happen to be in one myself. For one, I think all interracial couples are cute. I love diversity. I have had black friends forest of my life, some of whom I grew up with.
I’m part Japanese, she is black. We’re both humans with feelings. Our main challenges are actually the economy, some of which we are responsible for, and disability, which I am overcoming much better. She is a very loving girl, very intelligent too. I view her 3 children more as a blessing than a challenge. We love each other.
In 2000 & 2005 both, I was involved in serious traffic accidents, left me with a brain injury, anxiety attacks, & trouble walking. That has slowed down any progress I would normally have made. But, I have managed to attempt college again, & become a committee member for our local mass transit system as well as a board of directors who takes a lead on legislative issues, including meeting with elected officials. I also just started riding a bicycle again too.
We both have made done bad mistakes in life, & despite everything, I’m much happier with her in my life than I was before we met.
So, why are these relationships so rare?
Why the stereotypes?
Why do some people think these relationships should not exist?
I know my great grandmother probably would not approve. Then again, not only is it my life & choice & I want to be happy too and all, but those opinions are ones I generally don’t listen to anyway. See, to me, we all need and deserve someone in our lives who loves us. We met on one of my buses. She didn’t care that I had no car. Perhaps the most beautiful part of an AMBW relationship (or mine anyway) is that while we can’t always get to it right away, we are always there for each other.
I’m also part Algonquin Indian. Doesn’t that make it an AMAIBW relationship? Anyway, think outside the box. You never know that your soulmate may be that person who is next to you in a crowd. Don’t limit yourself to just your own race, you may wind up missing out on tremendous things in life.


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  1. NyNy permalink

    This is a really sweet post :3 I hope to be in a similar relationship when I’m older! By the way, would you be interested in reading my article directed at race and interracial relationships? If you can also comment your view, I’d be grateful too!

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