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Free Speech & Chik-Fil-A

August 3, 2012

One day I hope to get better with my titles, but anyway, Wednesday, August 1, 2012 was Chik-Fil-A appreciation day. I have a thing for waffle fries and I love the food there.
Anyhow, recently, the founder of Chik-Fil-A exercised his constitutional free speech rights and expressed how he felt about homosexuality. Personally, his opinions are something that does not bother me. However, it got some activist & liberal panties in a wad. The outcome was nothing less than incredible (for Chik-Fil-A). See, America actually is a relatively Christian nation and very traditional. However, you have people like myself who sees it differently.
1.) Free Speech also covers UNPOPULAR speech (speech that is NOT politically correct)
2.) Chik-Fil-A is franchised, like most fast food restaurants are, and the franchiser may not agree with the philosophy or other beliefs of the corporate head.
3.) the franchiser employs thousands of people & would be hurt the most by a boycott.
Now, I personally do not agree with the statement the corporate head, Mr. Cathy, made. HOWEVER, I definitely support his right to speak his mind, as I do so freely myself over the Internet. I would NEVER be gay, I disagree with the lifestyle, but respect & support anyone’s right to choose such a way of living. This is a free country, after all. (still).
I am happy to say that many Chik-Fil-A’s we’re very crowded Wednesday, & even WSB radio in Atlanta reported that there were additional Atlanta-area traffic delays caused by people trying to get into or out of Chik-Fil-A. I will always patronize them. Just remember, when I am on a quest for waffle fries, stay out of my way 🙂


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