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President Needs A Little More Education on Free Markets

July 29, 2012

Recently, President Obama was in Virginia, where he said that if you has a successful business, you did not build that by yourself. While it is true that business owners had customers & other help, the President was trying to glorify government. He worships at the feet of government. Government’s role was tiny if at all.
Here’s the thing, Mr. President: you have never owned your own business, or run a payroll. The very short time you spent in the private sector, you referred to as “working behind enemy lines.” Private-sector is an enemy to you. You have done a wonderful job selling your economic nonsense & class warfare to the moocher class and the dumb masses who worship you and such things as American Idol, but have no clue about the more important things that actually WILL impact their lives, like the economy.
But, if you are re-elected, this will be the end of a once great nation called America if you have your way. We will become a 3rd world country or at the least, a giant ghetto. You have some good social plans, but destructive and terrible economic plans and skills. Unless you wake up and enact the Fair Tax soon, or other meaningful & true tax & economic reform, there is no hope for the US or for your presidency and that will be a shame! So, Mr. President, PLEASE wake up & do the right thing economically.


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