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Colorado Shooting

July 21, 2012

In light of the horrible shootings in Aurora, Colorado, unfortunately the progressives are trying to push their gun control agenda again. This will do more harm than good, since law-abiding citizens are the ones who will obey and crooks will not.

Somehow, the left can not seem to get it through their thick skulls that criminals do NOT care about the law. So, while they try to harm us good folk by passing their insane & stupid panacea dreams on us (or more likely, try to ram them down our throats, like they did that monstrosity called Obamacare) just remember who is at fault when murder rates start to increase because we can no longer defend ourselves.

A much more appropriate ending to this senseless act of stupidity would have been for someone with a legally concealed weapon inside the theatre, to have taken the shooter out and the shooter become food for worms, as he deserves, it would have saved lives. Some of the victims would still have been with us today. Who cares about the brain dead waste of oxygen aka the shooter.

I pray for the victims and the grieving families for their comfort and healing.


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