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Life isn’t supposed to be fair

April 8, 2012

But sometimes I wish it was more fair than it is. All the tragic events going on around us, the injustices. Makes me wonder a lot.
Why are people so mean?
Every time I find a good thing or a good person I lose it.
I know that since we all have different abilities that there will never be total equality. I don’t think the system was set up that way. If you don’t work toy don’t get paid and you don’t get what you want, or at least you’re not supposed to. Is it fair if I rob a rich person because he has the DVD player I want? No, it is better for me to go out and get a job and buy the player on my own. Is it fair for government to confiscate your hard earned wealth (in the form of taxes) to put it in the pocket of some lazy person, especially when there are charities out there? No. Is it fair when someone who is trying to make a comeback in life to be denied accesses and help due to their past? Not really.
My heart and eyes have seen so much tragedy and trauma in life it is not funny but life still goes on. Something good will come that I get to keep one day.


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