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There are some positive signs in the economy

January 24, 2012

Finally, some news out there that the economy may be getting better, about time, the economy took off slower because of several reasons, not just because of a President, although his policies likely influence things.

These are examples of how a President’s policy can influence the economy, and how this could influence the economy:

The good news is that private-sector jobs were created finally, and the economy may be in an uptick or an upswing. At least in The United States, anyway. This can still be good news as, we do have one of the largest economies in the world.

I hope this will continue to occur, as this recession has been going on for quite a while, but I have heard economists suggest otherwise. Also, the markets and all the big movers and shakers are watching the upcoming Presidential elections. So, we will have to see what ends up happening.


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