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Newt vs Mitt

January 24, 2012

I find the political slugfests discouraging, this one is just completely insane. Mitt Romney, former Massachusetts Governor, and a RHINO, can’t seem to remember how many jobs he created at Bain Capitol, then, you have the name calling, the punches, Newt’s involvement with Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae, but what I see is that Mitt is confirming my suspicions about him. He is NOT presidential material. He has been campaigning for the Oval Office for the past 6 years. He has not figured out, apparently, that he lost 2008, and that Americans do not like nationalized health care.

He is responsible for Romneycare in Massachusetts, which was a failure that deprived the needy of some necessary services. Before I figured out who I was, mentally, I was on Romneycare. It was, well, NOT VERY GOOD. if you hate the government running your healthcare, you should NOT vote for Romney (or Obama)

The media will probably try to ensure that Romney gets nominated. At each primary, we must make sure that never happens, we must not let the media, the Lamestream media, pick our candidates for us. This country was never meant to have socialism, no matter who does it. Mitt Romney is an Obama-lite, and that should scare the crap out of conservatives.

Massachusetts is a prime example of what happens when socialists lead. Economically depreesed in several areas (except Boston). It was like the leaders only paid attention to what was within the I-495 belt, until current Governor Deval Patrick took office. He seems to be doing a good job, and he looks after the entire state. Some improvements have been made to the Springfield area (where I am from) within the past couple years, minus a tornado last year.

Meanwhile, while the GOP continues to either put up RHINOS, or candidates who prefer to focus on attacks or on social conservative ideals which don’t usually win candidates elections. What the people care about right now is the economy, not abortion. So, we can only hope that the GOP will get a real candidate this year.



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