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December 28, 2011

What this country has is a spending problem. Do we need another debt ceiling hike? Probably not. I’ll let you decide, though. I think that this guy is nuts.
(Reuters) – The White House plans to ask Congress by the end of the week for an increase in the government’s debt ceiling to allow the United States to pay its bills on time, according to a senior Treasury Department official on Tuesday.

The approval is expected to go through without a challenge, given that Congress is in recess until later in January and the request is in line with an agreement to keep the U.S. government funded into 2013.

The debt is projected to fall within $100 billion of the current cap by December 30, when the United States has $82 billion in interest on its debt and payments such as Social Security coming due. President Barack Obama is expected to ask for authority to increase the borrowing limit by $1.2 trillion, part of the spending authority that was negotiated between Congress and the White House this summer.

And who will pay for the additional debt? our children. hey, its their future.
The deal called for raising the debt ceiling by $2.1 trillion to serve the nation’s borrowing needs into 2013 and also included mandatory cuts to the federal budget deficit. Since then, the extension has been increased twice by a total of $900 billion.

The debt limit currently stands at $15.194 trillion and would increase to $16.394 trillion with the request.
I’m tired of our government. It is turning out to be more like the government of Greece (on the brink of collapse.)
The liberal Democrats don’t help. And, we hired the Tea Partiers to do the job and many of them have failed and capitulated.

If this does not stop, we’re doomed. We need fewer entitlement programs, since we lack the ability to even pay for them.
Social Security is grossly under-funded, as is Medicare. They were NOT ver well planned for when they were instituded.


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