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The Faces of the Current Economy

December 6, 2011

I just found this story, and it took place right down the street from where I live. This story had a nice ending.

The economy, unfortunately, has not given us very many stories that had nice endings.

And yet, President Obama is headed for a Hawaiian vacation. Must be nice. Also must be nice to have mutliple vacations in one year, while the rest of us suffer. It seems to our President that this is more fun and games to him, he goes golfing or some other thing and they have to go find him when a crisis happens.

In the words of Rahm “Dead Fish” Immanuel, we should let no crisis go to waste. It is time for our elitist snob politicians in DC to come back down to earth. Would not be a bad idea for them to experience reality for a while. We experience it everyday.

What has happened to our country in the past 11 years will not be fixed overnight. And it takes a lot more than just a President to fix the problems and damage. We also need to fix mentalities, and mindsets. Take a look at this horrible story of a mother who was denied foodsatmps. There are jobs out there, folks, even if you have to be a fry cook.



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